일과 이분의 일/1と1/2 투투/TwoTwo



One And A Half

*There I saw you walking away
And in my heart, girl, I still love you so
There were times when we were in love
We were so happy, then you had to go

**I went to say hello to you
but you ran away
Your happy smile ran
with you oh so so faraway
I saw him put his hand around
your little shoulder
Can't you come back to me, my baby!

***You have gone away, gone away
but I'm still missing you
I feel so lonely, out here all on my own
And you looked away, took away
my heart then you ran away
That's why you could one and a half
but I'm only half



I know you think I am only telling a lie
But it's true, boy
I have been alone since you have gone


by mikeabi | 2010-03-26 19:54 | 和訳レビュー
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